Monday, December 17, 2012

Blue Ribbon Celebration

Today was our National Blue Ribbon celebration.  We encouraged all of the students to wear blue and the staff wore their new National Blue Ribbon shirts.  Yeah!!  What a celebration we had.  It was so encouraging to see our school come together and celebrate this honoring event.
At the awards presentation in Washington, DC our principal, Mr. Leis, and I had to dance before we were given the award. Today I taught the entire building the dance that we preformed at the ceremony.  The kids had a lot of fun and were super excited when they each got a Blue Ribbon medal to take home.
Way to go Marshall and thank you to everyone who helps make our school the incredible place it is!

National Blue Ribbon Awards Ceremony video, Washington, DC

Sunday, December 9, 2012

We Are Getting Ready For Christmas

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas.  Check out our door!  We are adding more everyday.  
One of the things we have been doing is helping Santa get his reindeer ready.  If the reindeer want to fly Santa's sleigh, they must go to Santa's Reindeer School.  We started by sorting them (greater than, less than or equal).  The reindeer with the bigger number got to go to school this year!!  Yeah.  It was so exciting when there was a tie (equal)! :0)
Then we had to get them all lined up for inspection.  So, since we are working on counting by 5s, we ordered the reindeer up counting by 5s.  This was a little hard, but the kids loved the challenge.  

Finally, don't forget that Tuesday night, December 11, is our Christmas Music Program.  It starts a 6:00, but please be sure to have your child here by 5:45 so we can get lined up.  We will meet back in our classroom.  :)

Mrs. Rucker

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fan & Pick

We have started working on our High Frequency words.  Today we learned a new Kagan strategy called Fan and Pick.  The kids loved it.  One person is the "Teacher" and he or she has a class.  They just love being in charge.
Just like it is called, the teacher fans out the words and then calls on a student.  The student picks a word and reads it.  

The High Frequency Word Lists will be sent home after Christmas.  We are just getting a head start!! Yeah! :)