Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Kindergarten curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards, and we strive to engage our students in real world learning to foster a love of education.  Throughout our full day of kindergarten, we will be integrating reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in to everything we do.
         Our reading readiness program is called Animated literacy.  As your child learns the characters and progresses through the program, we encourage you to review the characters, movements, and songs with our child.  You can tell which letter/sound we are working on by the papers your child brings home daily.
         In our mathematics program, your child will become actively involved with manipulatives, hands-on activities, and pencil-paper activities.  We will also be charting the number of days in school, the weather, and how many teeth the students loose each month and throughout the year so don’t forget to let me know when your child looses a tooth. J
         In Science the students will be keeping interactive notebooks recording the data and information we learn from our experiments and weekly investigations.  In Social Studies we will be learning about our communities, Kansas, the USA, fire safety, and more. 
         I believe that parents and teachers need to work together to provide our children with the best education possible.  I look forward to working with you and sharing this important year with your child. 

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