Friday, January 17, 2014

A Week of Penguin Fun

This week we finished up our penguin unit.  We learned all about the different kinds of penguins, worked on a mini-research writing paper, built an edible penguin (and ate it - YUM), waddled like a penguin with an egg on our feet, and finally finished with a science experiment.  We became penguins and put our hands in ice cold water.

The kids had a blast.  Talk about some real life learning fun!!

Making an Edible Penguin

and..........eating it!!!

Waddling Like a Penguin

Becoming a Penguin!
Our skin was the blubber, the soft glove was our feathers, and the purple rubber glove
became the oil on our feathers.
Serious scientists getting ready for the experiment.

Human Hand  vs. The Hand That Became a Penguin!!!