Friday, December 4, 2015

Identity and Write Numbers to 100

This week we played an awesome little game called "Slap It."  Each of kiddos were given a stack of sticky notes.  I would call out a number and they would write the number on their sticky note.  When I said...."Slap It," they would all slap their sticky notes down on the middle of the table.  Then we would check to make sure we all wrote the number correctly. 
The super cool part was.....we were working on numbers up to 100.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Counting Fun

One of the things we continue to work on in the classroom is one to one counting.  This means the students need to be able to count out the correct number of objects for a given number.  A fun way to do this is by using our numbers on the floor.  The kids each get a box of toys or counting manipulatives from the cubbies and start counting.  
It's a big mess of FUN!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fun with Letters

Does My Letter Say?

During this activity I have a letter taped to each child’s back.  The fun part is the kids do not know what their letter is!!!  HAHAHAHAHA  I give them a strip of paper with all the letters we have worked on so far, and they must go around and ask their friends…… "Does my letter make the" _____” sound?”  The other kids have been told they can only answer with a “Yes” or  a “No.”  Remember, we can not tell our friends what their letter is.  When the students know what letter they have hidden on their backs, I have them come to me and tell me the name of their letter.  They LOVE this game. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fun With Shapes

Last week we wrapped up our plane shapes unit learning all about the circle, square, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, and hexagon.  One of my favorite things to do during this unit is watch them build these shapes with their bodies.  Working together with their peers, the students must decide how many sides the shape has and make a group with that many people. 

One of the last things we do during this unit is build Shape Monsters.  Using any of the shapes they want, they create a monster of their choice.  I love seeing how these turn out, and their creativity really shines.  After creating their monsters, the students count the number of different shapes they used and graph their results.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What is Kagan Cooperative Learning?

Kagan Cooperative Learning is a way of structuring your daily activities and lessons to ensure that each and every child is actively engaged in the learning process and lesson. The students are taught various structure methods to engage them in classroom activities.  "The Kagan Structures have proven themselves effective teaching and learning tools for cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, character education, language learning, and emotional intelligence. " (Kagan Online)

One example of a structure is Hand-Up, Stand-Up, Pair-Up.  During this the students will be walking around the room while the music is playing.  When the music stops, the children will each find the person closest to them and high five.  Depending on what we are working on they will share information, count, talk/listen, etc.  In the activity below the students were in engaged in active talking and listening while they were sharing their all about me posters.

All About Me: Kagan Hand-Up, Stand-Up, Pair-Up

Another structure is Quiz, Quiz, Trade.  Here the students again walk around the classroom while the music is playing and find a partner when the music stops.  Taking turns, the students one at a time, share/teach their partner the number on their flash card.  When I say trade they switch cards.  Each child is then leaving his or her partner knowing a new number which was just taught to them by a student in the classroom.  We do this with letters, rhyming words, and will eventually use words!!  So EXCITING!!!
Numbers : Kagan Quiz-Quiz, Trade

Here is an example of the Rally/Coach strategy.  The students were putting the letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order.  ABC Order as often we call it.  They were taking turns selecting the appropriate next letter.  If a child happened to pick the wrong letter, their partner would "coach" them as to which letter would be correct.  I often call them the TEACHERS.  That makes it even more exciting because they feel like they are totally in charge!!  

Alphabetical Order : Kagan Rally/Coach

For more information visit Kagan Online.