Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kansas Day

Today was Kansas Day!  :o)   We have been learning about our Kansas flag, our state name, our capital, and our state bird, reptile, amphibian, insect, tree, flower, and mammal.
Ask the kids to tell you about how we remember the name of our capital, Topeka.  "And.......the Indian said, 'My toe-peek-a outa my shoe!'"  
We have also learned many other interesting facts about Kansas.  Today we decorated the Principal's office with the "unofficial" Kansas bird - the Jayhawk.  For you K-State fans (like our principal), I did explain to the kids that it was an "unofficial Kansas symbol."  The term "jayhawk" was first used before the Civil War.
I do have his daughter in my class, so we thought it would be a funny joke to play on her daddy.  With the help from the office staff, the whole wall ended up being decorated!  

Happy Birthday Kansas!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

100th Day Fun

Tuesday was our 100th Day of School!  Yeah!  :o)  The kids were so excited, and I had lots of exciting things planned for us.

We started off the morning in math with a fun little roll to 100 activity.   The kids loved getting out our new foam dice.

Later in the day we worked on our 100th Day of School posters.  By counting and gathering objects in groups of 10, we made our way up to 100.  We used yarn, noodles, buttons, stamps, stickers, finger prints, our name, numbers 1-10, smiles, and my favorite 5 hugs and 5 kisses (XOs)!  I went around and gave them all 5 hugs and 5 kisses.  They loved it.

The day ended with my favorite activity.  Sorting and graphing 100 M&Ms.  Yummy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Be the Word and a Birthday Celebration

Welcome Back to School!!  
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break.  I know I sure did, but I missed my classroom kiddos! :0)  Also, thank you very much for the wonderful Christmas presents, and I am sorry I missed our last day together.

This week we learned a new sound "or."  Orty Orsen is sore when she orders four pairs of shorts and the store sends her forty!  So to practice our new words, I let the kids "be the word!"  They just love this.  

We also had a birthday celebration today.  Happy Birthday Megan!  We even had purple cookies.  Yummy!