Sunday, September 13, 2015

Living vs. Nonliving

The last two weeks the kids have been learning all about living and nonliving things in the world around us.  We talked about what make something living.  A living something needs food, water, air, and it can grow and change.  We looked at the life cycles of a frog and caterpillar, and we talked about the changes we see in all living things as they grow.

Magazine Sort : Living and Nonliving

We also talked about the different parts of a plant and went on a nature walk to look at sunflowers.  Then we identified the roots, stems, leaves, and flowers on the plants around us.
Now that we are experts on living things and plant, they kids were given 4 seeds last Friday to take care of and grow.  They will be documenting the changes they see in their seeds and will have to water them everyday as they grow and change.

Investigating Our Seeds

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