Sunday, September 11, 2016

Learning Numbers 1-10 in Kindergarten

Over the past two weeks in kindergarten, we have been learning all about and studying numbers 1-10.  We have been matching, sorting, clapping, tracing, writing, building, and counting everything around us to help us learn these numbers.  Here are a couple of our activities.

Match Mine with Numbers and Number Boxes
One partner had the number and one partner had the box with dots.  First, they had to cut up the pieces and bring them all to me.  Oh yes, don't worry..... I mixed them all up.  They loved it!!  Then they had to order the numbers and put the matching pieces together.

 Write the Room
I had pictures hidden all over the room.  They had to find a picture and count the dots on the dice.  Next, they had to find the corresponding picture on their paper and write the correct number.  They were like little investigators.  Actually BIG investigators.....look how hard they are working!!

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